Café Carlyle, the New York City bastion of classic cabaret entertainment, continues to draw socialites, politicians and celebrities into its distinguished and glamorous setting. Tucked behind a Madison Avenue doorway, Café Carlyle welcomes its guests into a classic cabaret where incredible talent and music are paired with New York elegance and style. Originally opened in 1955, Café Carlyle is known for headlining incredible talents, including Woody Allen, who regularly appears on Monday evenings to play with the Eddy Davis New Orleans jazz band. For three decades, Café Carlyle was synonymous with the legendary Bobby Short, who thrilled sell-out crowds for 36 years. His spirit lives on through the music at Café Carlyle.

Other legendary musicians such as Eartha Kitt, Elaine Stritch and Judy Collins have also performed over the years at the famed venue. More recent acts include Alan Cumming, Debbie Harry and Rita Wilson. Since composer Richard Rodgers moved in as The Carlyle’s first tenant, music has been an essential part of The Carlyle experience. A romantic and intimate venue for live entertainment, Café Carlyle continues the tradition of the 1930s supper club. It features original murals created by French artist Marcel Vertès, the Oscar-winning art directorof the 1952 Moulin Rouge. Vertes was influenced by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, a French painter best known for his depictions of the infamous Moulin Rouge inthe late 1800s.


Listen to sounds from Café Carlyle’s Winter/Spring Season here:


1955 to 1968

Cafe Carlyle opens and George Feyer entertains patrons for 13 years

1968 to 2004

Legendary performer Bobby Short plays to sold-out crowds for 36 years


Woody Allen and the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band begin their Monday residency


Steve Tyrell begins his annual holiday residency


September 19th | Cafe Carlyle reopens after restoration with performance by Eartha Kitt


April 6th | Elaine Stritch’s final night of her last residency


Cafe Carlyle Opens